02 November, 2010

LED Torches and contrast.

Trying to find a decent torch that can be used by my friend who is a marine engineer is proving to be a bit more of a challenge than first thought.
The criteria are that it is:
Tough - it needs to be able to withstand a fair amount of grief,
Waterproof - it will come into contact with a fair amount of water and oils.
Small enough to fit in boiler suit comfortably - not be too heavy or large.
Be able to use rechargeable batteries with out loosing brightness.

With this in mind I thought that an LED torch would be a good idea but having spoken to him again recently he claims that white LEDs have a higher green light content than normal bulbs and that this makes it harder to detect contrast, so I have decided to be pedantic and test this. 
I plan to try and get images of the spectrum of the typical bulbs found in normal torches and then the spectrum of common white light LEDs and see if there is any difference and if there specific makes of LED that are closer to 'normal' light which would make for better bulbs in torches. Additionally if I have time to look into filtering the light to make it into a better spectrum for use in detecting contrast etc.

To be continued...